Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chris Powell & Dr. Oz talk Metabolism & Weight Loss

Chris Powell & Dr. Oz talk weight loss!

We all know and love "America's Doctor" Dr Oz, and I have recently fallen in love with Chris Powell on his show "Extreme Makeover Weight Loss".  Seriously, I am in tears every time I watch the show, it is such an inspiration!  Chris was a guest on the Dr. Oz show talking about weight loss and metabolism and these are the notes and tips that I thought were most important.

Chris Powell's Metabolism Power Plate:

High carb=boost muscle
Low car=burn fat

Eat every 3 hours!  Not all meals should be your normal full size meals.  Have small, healthy snacks prepared and easily accessible.   

Thyroid Gland
Carbs increase the rate of the thyroid hormonesGood carbs lead to healthy and happy thyroid.  Good carbs include a beans (low-sodium), sweet potatoes, a rainbow of fruits.

With all of the low-carb and no carb fad diets going around people have become confused on what is really a safe amount of carbs to be cutting.  Cutting carbs 100% will lower thyroid function by 50%.

Build Metabolic Muscle
Weight lifting or resistance training!!! SQUATS are so important, you are working the largest and strongest muscle.

My favorite of all of Chris' tips about metabolism....

"Metabolism is NOT genetic!"
 "Genetics loads the gun, lifestyles pull the trigger."