Join the Bombshell Team!

The Bombshell Dynasty

The proof is in the pudding!  Pictures DO NOT LIE! These are REAL RESULTS from members and coaches from The Bombshell Dynasty!  These beautiful people have put in a lot of hard work and time to reach their after pics and dream bodies.  Say "Goodbye" to your before pics and "Hello Bombshell" to your dream body!  

Joining The Bombshell Dynasty was the best decision of my life.  Not only am I on my way to financial freedom and heading in the right direction for my dream body but I am making life long friends that have already helped me through so many rough patches in my journey.  

Thanks Team Bombshell!

Join The Bombshell Dynasty as a COACH

Join the Bombshell Dynasty!

 2013 promises to be the BIGGEST YEAR in Beachbody history, and THIS Bombshell has NO PLANS of slowing down! Because of that, I am currently looking for some NEW BLOOD for Team Dynasty and will be interviewing for 10 team members to grow the Northwest Arkansas leg of the Bombshell Dynasty (however, members are NOT limited to only those located in just Northwest Arkansas). I will be hand-selecting & personally mentoring these individuals in both a small group setting and with one on one calls.

 If you believe YOU have what it takes and are looking for something that both challenges you as a leader, while at the same time gives you the ability to change lives and create the life of your dreams...

 This is NOT an opportunity to start a J-O-B. This is not all about making money...or a get rich quick scheme. This is about joining a FAMILY of people committed to getting fit, passing along their story and helping the END THE TREND of obesity. This is about working towards YOUR goals and helping lift others UP along the way. Pay it forward y'all!

 I would not be providing this Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity to all of you if it wasn't something I didn't 100% believe in.  This IS a life altering opportunity to get in the best shape of your life and help others do the same thing.  If it wasn't for Les Mills Pump, Brazil Butt Lift, Shakeology and my Beachbody family, I'd still be unhappy with my weight, would have zero energy and self-confidence, and would still be uncomfortable in my own skin.

5 Things you should know BEFORE you become a BOMBSHELL COACH

Becoming a Beachbody Coach has been an amazing opportunity.  I am 100% confident that it will work if you put in the effort to make it work.  It has given me the chance to earn enough income to pursue my college degree and get out of the debt that I have been in since starting college.  It has also pushed me to pursue my dream body and get in to the best shape of my life in a healthy and safe way.  
This opportunity is a game changer.  If you want to see a change in your life then take a chance on Beachbody and go for it!
If I would have never started with Beachbody I would still be trying to hide my body under clothes and would be less confident and more self conscious.  
Check out the Team Beachbody Coach video from Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler.
Independent Team Beachbody Coach Information:
  • A one time $40 fee to become a coach. Yes one time, no recurring yearly membership fee.
  • A monthly website fee of $15. Beachbody gives you two canned websites where you can do some minor personalization. One site is a Beachbody coach site the other site is a specialized Shakeology site (only available for sale through the Team Beachbody Coach network). I have decided to create my own website and blog to share my experiences but it is not required.
  • To remain an active coach you need to have a Personal Volume (PV) of 50 points per month. Purchasing a month's supply of Shakeology (at a 25% discount) is 90PV for example and you're done. I agree with Team Beachbody's methodology that you need to use their product in order to be able to explain the benefits of the research they've done. Plus, their supplements actually taste a whole lot better than the other stuff I was using. Recovery drink... think orange creamsicle!
  • You receive a 25% commission on anything somebody buys from Beachbody using one of your links. Somebody purchases a copy of P90X, you get a check for $29.96.
  • You can, if you choose to, have a downline of coaches. Everything rolls up and there are a ton of bonuses you can earn. I have not received any pressure to push people to be coaches. In fact, I have only had one email conversation with my upline coach and all she did was congratulate me on my decision.
  • You receive a 25% discount on all Beachbody products including merchandise. If you're using supplements today like I am, just the discount savings alone on let's say P90x Protein Bars and P90X recovery drink covers the $15 monthly website fee.
  • You get paid on a weekly basis,
  • No inventory to carry, Beachbody takes care of everything.
  • Access to an entire team of experts on health and fitness.
  • Access to marketing materials and guidance on how to build your business.
  • I have found a new passion for health and fitness and have never felt better. I'm not trying to sell you that miracle pill, extreme diet, or a whole lot of vitamins you probably don't need, this is for real.  Nothing in this program is easy, you have to work for it!
  • I have increased confidence in all aspects of my life. I finished 90 days+ of one of the most physically challenging activities I've ever encountered.  I lost a weight, built some muscle along the way and I feel fantastic. 
  • I can give non-expert nutritional advice based upon my experience. I don't have a degree in nutrition, but I know what worked for me and am helping others figure out what works for them.
  • I can help YOU get in the best shape of your life!