My Journey

Everyone has a "why" for everything that they do.  Sometimes the "why" is clear to yourself and everyone around you and then sometimes it is hard for others to see your "why".  There are even times when the "why" comes after the action, you may not know "why" you are searching for a change but you know that a change needs to be made.  That's okay.  That was me January 2012.  And even though I thought I had found my "why" and was ready to start my journey, when I really found myself, my "why" changed.

It was total serendipity how I got started on my journey with Beachbody in the first place.  I was at an all time low emotionally, mentally and physically.  A couple friends of mine had recommended trying Ab Ripper X (from P90X) to help build my confidence physically.  Like so many others I was a skeptic and was not going to spend the money to buy the P90X program so I turned to YouTube.  Problem was, I couldn't connect with all of the buffed up manly men who were doing the workout so I edited my search to find a female doing the workout.  BAM!  It was the greatest google search of my life. 

After doing the workout with the YouTube video a few times I wanted to find more workout videos by the same girl.  So I emailed her at the address listed on the site and started following her blog.  She told me she was a Beachbody coach and invited me to join her on her journey by encouraging me to join her Beachbody Bombshell Challenge group.  Skeptical again, but I did.  I ordered a Beachbody program, Shakeology, committed to the challenge and in return changed my life.

Since first joining her challenge group in February Kati and I have become the best of friends and she has inspired me to help and encourage others, to pay it forward.  So I became a Beachbody coach!  I have many goals for my next year but the most important one is to make a difference in at least one person's life the way Kati has made a difference in mine. 

In my first challenge group I started with 10-Minute Trainer and Shakeology.  A month in to the challenge I added Insanity in to my workout rotation 2 days a week, just to ease in to it.  By the last month I was doing Insanity 5 days a week and drinking Shakeology everyday.  I moved on to Brazil Butt Lift for my next trip and absolutely fell in love with Leandro and his booty busting dance moves. 
My current results using Shakeology, 10-Minute Trainer, Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift.
When I first started my journey my "why" was kinda selfish. I was looking for financial freedom, easy fitness and quick health.  News flash, all that will not come easy.  Very quickly I learned that it is going to take hard work to get the financial freedom I desire so that I can finish school and get my degree.  It is going to take time and sweat and being ridiculously uncomfortable doing workouts that push me to be fit.  And it is going to take time, planning, preparation and focus on my nutrition to be healthy.

That was one of the hardest years I have ever had but one of the best.  I learned so much about who I am, not who others want me to be, and I have learned to push myself beyond the limits I thought I had.  I now truly believe that the only limits you have are the ones that you set for yourself.  Therefore, if you set no limits, there is no limit!  Try reaching for the sky and keep pushing yourself until you have touched the moon!

Now my "why" is more focused on others.  I really want to help others see the magic of Beachbody that I have seen.  Results don't lie.  I am still progressing to my dream body and what better way to hold myself accountable than to have others following in my footseps and depending on me. Kati, Beachbody and The Bombshell Dynasty have changed my life.  Will you take the first step to let them change yours?