Saturday, July 28, 2012

Inspiration at its finest

Everyone has a story and it is about time I share mine.  I have been living in California for just shy of seven weeks now with less than a month before the move back to Arkansas.  This time has hands down been the most life-changing seven weeks of my life.  My entire West Coast experience can be summed up in one word: Inspiration. I have been inspired to live up to my greatest potential and beyond and to help others do the same.  My biggest inspiration would be the lady who first inspired me back in February, Kati. 

It was total serendipity how we met in the first place.  I was at an all time low emotionally, mentally and physically.  A couple friends of mine had recommended trying Ab Ripper X (from P90X) to help build my confidence physically.  Like so many others I was a skeptic and was not going to spend the money to buy the P90X program so I turned to YouTube.  Problem was, I couldn't connect with all of the buffed up manly men who were doing the workout so I edited my search to find a female doing the workout.  BAM!  It was the greatest google search of my life.  After doing the workout with the YouTube video a few times I wanted to find more workout videos by the same girl.  So I emailed her at the address listed on the site and started following her blog.  She invited me to join her on her journey by encouraging me to join her challenge group.  Skeptical again, but I did.  I ordered a Beachbody program, Shakeology, committed to the challenge and in return changed my life. 

Since first joining her challenge group in February Kati and I have become the best of friends and she has inspired me to help and encourage others, to pay it forward.  So I became a Beachbody coach!  I have many goals for my next year but the most important one is to make a difference in at least one person's life the way Kati has made a difference in mine. 

While my time here in Southern California is not yet over I have already started to reflect on how I have changed.  Since surrounding myself with Kati, her boyfriend and fellow Beachbody coach, Jay; and others that I have met through the two both online and at Beachbody Super Saturday and Fit Club, I have climbed out of my slump and become stronger, healthier, more fit and most importantly more confident.  The inspiration and advice I have gotten from these fabulous friends truly proves that when you surround yourself with amazing people they lift you up to be amazing with them.  Big thanks to both of you!  Love y'all!

I joined Kati and Jay for Fit Club at the Beachbody Headquarters in Santa Monica almost 2 weeks ago and I am so ready to go back! The workout for the night was Body Beast Build: Legs. While most might think Body Beast is just for men, we girls proved that we can be beasts too!

I have looked at this picture several times since that night and every time I see it the fire within me is reignited and I am ready to keep pushing and striving to reach my highest potential and help others reach theirs too!

As I said before I was so skeptical of every aspect of this process from the initial workout programs to becoming a coach.  But once I stopped doubting myself and made the COMMITMENT to push through the journey trusting those encouraging me I began to see the MAGIC! 

If you want to see the magic and join me on my journey like I did Kati, comment below or shoot me an email.  I'm not saying it will be easy, not a day of my journey has been, but I promise if you make the commitment it will be WORTH IT!